REVIVE : CrossFit Behavior Health Program Honolulu

re vive /ri’viv/ 1. restore to life or consciousness.

REVIVE is a 6 week 1 on 1  program built specifically to meet your goals. Our Personal trainers will design your workouts and meal plans to ensure results. The Focus is holistic combining efficient programming, universal movements, nutrition, and Health Psychology principles.

Participants can expect numerous benefits:
Fat loss, body composition testing, lean muscle, increased stamina/endurance, increased strength, increased energy, better mood, better sleep, increased libido and sex drive.

What does Revive look like?

Revive consists of weekly workouts, weekly information  and one-on-one goal setting sessions with a COACH.

What you will learn:

Proper movement, core strength exercises, mobility, fascia release (massage), self control and curbing cravings, 
Relaxation techniques, mental strength,  stress management & Sports Nutrition – not diet.