Know Your Roots!

At Kahala Crossfit we have ZERO acute injuries recorded with our Members. This is due to our philosophy shown in our Logo as the ROOTS.

Our  goal is to Educate, Motivate, and a Provide a Safe Environment to Achieve our Members Optimal Goals. We do that by starting you off right with our Roots Modification in the Class, 1 on 1 and or in a small group setting.

Through our classes you will learn:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Health psychology
  • Mobility
  • Foundational movements plus introductory skills in the areas of gymnastics and weight lifting
  • Teamwork and Camaraderie
  • Basic knowledge on Nutrition for energy and weight loss.
  • How to establish fitness goals and obtain them
  • How to perform workouts safely, efficiently, and efficaciously

How to get started? Start your membership! 

  1. Already an Athlete? JUMP IN THE WODS (workout of the day) Our Coaches will always teach and help you develop proper form. We will have a Modification on the Board to follow. Note; some people will stay at Roots Modification for ever depending on their goals. $200.00
  2. Join the Small Group – There will be 6 classes. W, F at 6:30 PM and Saturday at 9:30 am. – $200.00 a month
  3. ONE on ONE Personal Coaching, $599. – 6 1.15 hr coaching sessions.