Group Crossfit Classes

Group Crossfit classes are offered Monday through Friday in the morning, noon, and evening and Saturday/Sunday mornings.  Completion of either a Roots or Private Coaching Introduction is a pre-requisite for joining any our group classes.  Members pay a monthly membership fee and may attend group class sessions that fit within their schedule.

Our core program is our Crossfit Ohana classes and we recommend these classes for everyone to develop and increase base fitness capacities and well-rounded abilities.   We also recognize that many athletes have significant holes in strength and general fitness.  To this end, we also offer a wide variety of specialized classes that are intended to be a compliment to our  classes.

Class Descriptions

Crossfit Ohana – group classes that include a skill-based warm-up, skill or strength training, a main workout, and mobility work. The workouts can always be scaled so that new athletes can workout alongside veteran athletes. One effective component of our programming is constant variance. Each day will have a different bias, from general metabolic conditioning at light/moderate weight and gymnastics skill progression to maximal strength training and heavy metabolic conditioning; you will never be bored. We also mandate all K1 athletes to record their workout times/scores and track their progress on their WODIFY proile.

Crossfit Nakoa – These classes are designed to develop our veteran athletes. The prerequisites for this class include: proficiency in the the basic skills, and the ability to complete some workouts at the prescribed weight/intensity. The goal of these classes is to develop and master the more complex skills (like hand-stand push ups/muscle-ups, Olympic lifts, etc.) and the programming is more complex with higher skill demand and increased work load. If you are interested in and ready to join our  K2 classes, please talk to one of our coaches or email us.

Weightlifting- This strength-focused class is designed to complement the K1 classes. Athletes will learn and practice good positioning and mechanics in a self-paced environment designed to develop a stronger strength base and engine. *Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class for additional warm-up and mobilization.

Gymnastics Skills – This class focuses on developing the gymnastics skills that are common in our programming such as hand stand push ups, ring dips, pull-ups, etc. A typical class will include a gymnastics skill based warm up, skill training, and a metabolic conditioning workout that incorporates gymnastics skills.

KAI WOD – Swimming- This class will introduce a new element to our program: water. Athletes will drastically improve lung capacity and endurance by performing strength pieces on the beach in between fast sprints, long swims, and underwater “rock running”

Movement, Foam Roller Mobility – This class is dedicated to learning movement preparation and mobility strategies based on an ACE Roller Certification, invented in HI!.

Open Gym / Strength & Skills – This is a self-directed hour for you to get in an extra workout, work on getting stronger, specific skills, or on your mobility. An KCF coach is on-hand to coach informally, offer workout advice, or assist with skills.